For many organizations, leveraging Big Data effectively presents a wide range of key challenges that can derail everything from ideation to execution. Some organizations are uncertain how to quantify the potential benefits and develop actionable plans in ways that foster innovation.  Others have formulated theories but lack the skills and tools to prove them out in a low-risk, cost-effective fashion. In yet other cases, organizations are poised for large-scale implementation but are hindered by the difficulties of introducing an extensive new technology stack into their environments and acquiring the skills to effectively operate it.

Our Informationists are Data Scientists and Engineers who provide a unique multi-disciplinary approach to Big Data, combining a deep knowledge of industry use cases and benefits with a workbench of tools and techniques applicable to a given hypothesis and the extensive experience and expertise necessary to implement and operationalize an enterprise-grade Big Data solution. With info2insight™ (i2i™), our comprehensive suite of Big Data capabilities, organizations at any phase of development can harness the power of Big Data and accelerate from information to insight to impact.

i2i Ideate: Organizations that are just beginning to explore the potential of Big Data benefit from our ideation approach and workshop designed to enable decision makers to clearly define Big Data opportunities and to rapidly target executable initiatives within their organization. Through this process, organizations rapidly internalize Big Data concepts, achieve organizational alignment, and immediate identify opportunities to reduce cost, improve timeliness, and gain market advantage utilizing Big Data and Analytics.

i2i Discover: Organizations that are looking to test solutions to specific business challenges value the efficiency of our preconfigured lab environment built on leading-edge Big Data Management and Analytics technology. Our Big Data Scientists and Engineers utilize proven methods in our secure, ready-to-run environment to efficiently configure large and/or varied data sources to accurately test analytical models and visualize outcomes for organizations.

i2i Apps: Organizations that are seeking preconfigured Big Data Analytic solutions find what they need with our i2i Apps. Running on our Big Data Scalable Analytics Platform (SAP), these solutions can be rapidly configured to a client’s specific situation and managed by Knowledgent as a service. For organizations with strict compliance and regulatory concerns, that preclude Software as a Service (SaaS), we can offer a customized implementation of an i2i App on organization-operated hardware and software.

Our i2i Platform

Knowledgent’s info2insight technology stack is based on industry-leading Big Data tools, including Hadoop. The platform enables large and/or varied data sources to be processed without the overhead of extensive data modeling and provides a range on analytical methods (Predictive, Semantic, and Descriptive) to be applied.

Our Expertise